If THE IDEA ISN'T worth leaving the family for TWO weeks, don't EVEN bring it into the room.

The universe may have gone digital, but the rules are no different today than they were in the era of newsprint when radio was called non-traditional. The job of any idea is what it has always been. Grab attention, encourage conversation, generate interest. It doesn’t matter if the project calls for selling another million bottles filled with a precision carbohydrate formula or to convince folks we're better off when we treat others as we want to be treated ourselves. Irregardless of the tactics -- gaming, social posts and serial-content, in-market experiences, OOH, print, web, 3:00 content, :30 spots, :03 Gifs…or a logo embroidered on the back of a prize fighter’s robe.  The objective for any concept worth its analytical salt remains the same. Create work that connects ideas with emotions. Make 'em laugh. Make 'em cry. Make 'em think. Make 'em feel. Make 'em share. Make 'em act. Make ‘em remember you. All while validating two weeks at the Viceroy, far from home during travel baseball season.